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About us

The Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling is the Ministry of Finance and General Government body accountable to the State Secretary of the Treasury, which regulates, authorises, supervises, controls and, if necessary, penalises gambling activities in the Spanish State.

  • Functions:
  1. The proposal of regulations governing gambling and the establishment of the necessary functional and technical requirements for the games and if necessary, sanctioning any illegal gambling activity.
  2. Dealing with application procedures for authorisation to conduct gambling activities.
  3. The authorisation of the organisation and holding of raffles and any betting or gambling, the area of conduct or application of which exceeds the territorial limits of a particular Autonomous Region and charitable-sports betting, whatever its territorial scope.
  4. Monitoring, control, inspection, and if necessary, sanctioning of gambling-related activities.
  5. Dealing with penalisation procedures in matters of gambling relating to the sales points of the National Lottery and Betting Organisation.
  6. Management of gambling records
  • Structure (Organisational chart)
    • Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ)
      • Subdirectorate General for Gambling Regulation
      • Subdirectorate General for Gambling Inspection
      • Subdirectorate General for Institutional Relations and Management
  • Head office (contacts):
    • Directorate General for Gambling Regulation
    • Calle Atocha, 3       MADRID 28012
    • Telephone: 91.571.40.80
    • Queries and suggestions