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The Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling is the Ministry of Finance body accountable to the State Secretary of the Finance which regulates, authorises, supervises, controls and, if necessary, penalises gambling activities in the Spanish State.

  • Functions:
  1. The authorisation of occasional gambling activities at a national level, as well as any aspect regarding the forms and types of gambling subject to a licence which require specific authorisation.
  2. The proposal an impact study of regulations related to the gambling activity at a national level.
  3. The inspection of gambling activities at a national level and the technical systems used by them, as well as the proposal to start disciplinary proceedings as a result of an inspection.
  4. Dealing with licence application procedures for authorisation to conduct gambling activities at a national level.
  5. Dealing with penalisation procedures in gambling matters relating to the sales points of the Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, S.M.E. S.A.
  6. Institutional relations with Central State Administration bodies and those of autonomous regions and cities with the Statue of Autonomy, local corporations, international bodies and any other public Spanish or foreign institution with regulatory functions over gambling.
  7. Institutional relations with any public or private entities in relation to the social or economic dimension of gambling.
  8. The management and settlement of the fees derived from gambling administration and the economic-financial management of the guarantees linked to general gambling licences.
  9. The management of human and material resources, as well as budgetary management of the management body.
  10. Mandatory reporting on the authorisation of reserved lottery activities.
  11. The processing of disciplinary proceedings initiated due to breaches contemplated in Law 13/2011, of 27 May, on gambling regulation.
  12. The crackdown on unauthorised illegal gambling, be it carried out within Spain or outside Spain and aimed at the Spanish market.
  13. The requirement of information to entities, gambling operators, those who provide services to these and participants in gambling.
  14. The requirement to any payment service provider, entities providing audiovisual media services, information or electronic communications services of the company, and services or channels for the dissemination of advertising and promotion of gambling and the termination of services being rendered.
  15. The establishment of technical and functional gambling requirements and the authorisation of technical gambling systems.
  16. The promotion and supervision of relationship mechanisms between participants and gambling operators and the protection of participants' interests, including the handling of claims which may be submitted against operators by the participants.
  17. The promotion and execution of studies and research work on gambling, as well as its incidence or impact on society.
  18. The supervision of the mechanisms and management systems of advertising activity in gambling at a national level.
  19. Manage the gambling industry registries at a national level.
  20. Working with the competent authorities in the prevention and control of fraud and defending the integrity of gambling activities, and with other regulators of the European Economic Area in the crackdown of illegal gambling.
  21. The development of preventive actions aimed at raising awareness, informing and disseminating good gambling and responsible gambling practices through advertising campaigns, media and communication networks and collaboration with other Public Administrations or public or private bodies.
  • Structure (Organisational chart)
    • Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ)
      • Subdirectorate General for Gambling Regulation
      • Subdirectorate General for Gambling Inspection
      • Subdirectorate General for Institutional Relations and Management
  • Head office (contacts):
    • Directorate General for Gambling Regulation
    • Calle Atocha, 3       MADRID 28012
    • Telephone: 91.571.40.80
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