Guide for the use of DGOJ logos

In relation to the use of the four logos that the DGOJ makes publicly available, the game regulations do not expressly establish a criterion on their use. However, the signifier of these logos is linked to the fulfillment of certain objectives set by Law 13/2011, of May 27th , regulation of gambling (LRJ) (such as the policies of responsible gambling and the protection of consumers -art 8.1-), or of certain obligations linked to them (the subjective prohibitions of access to the game, article 6.2-, those recognized in the list of bases -art 10.1.a-, or the presentation of an operational plan -art 10.2). These legal objectives and obligations allow us to transfer some criteria for the use of logos, which are linked to the different purpose to which each of them responds. So:

Logos about minors and the self-prohibition.

They correspond to subjective prohibitions to participate in the games regulated in Law 13/2011 (to minors -art 6.2.a LRJ-, and to those commonly referred to as "self-prohibited" -art 6.2.b LRJ-), and the availability of them has been arranged through their download whenever it is considered advisable to use them by the operators. The aim is to offer uniform and unambiguous symbols of general use in the sector.

Seal logo Juego Seguro.

The seal of "Juego Seguro" is a brand created by the DGOJ to be used only by gaming operators that have a state license granted by the DGOJ to develop gaming activities, and which is a guarantee that the game is regulated, supervised and controlled by this Directorate General, and that ensures that the game is fair, that legal operators are reliable and that all the solvency, seriousness and control requirements imposed by the State's gambling legislation are met, in this case the Law 13/2011, of May 27th and its regulatory development. In this case, that seal can only be used by gaming operators with a state license, so its use, although optional, is highly recommended for those operators. On the other hand, companies that have not obtained an enabling title (license or authorization) granted by the State may not use the "Juego Seguro" seal referred to above.

Logo of the web portal

The ownership of the domain on the Internet corresponds to the DGOJ, and its content responds to the objective of the DGOJ to provide accurate and adequate information on the gaming activities, the principles of responsible gaming, the protection of the consumer and the prevention or mitigation of the possible harmful effects that the game may produce on people. Therefore, it is understood that for the purposes of the information obligations established in art. 8.1 LRJ (letters a, b and c), the use of this logo and its link is recommended for operators, without prejudice to the fact that they may extend this information through other contents that the operator deems appropriate to include.