Resumen 1er Trimestre 2021


Quarter Summary


The GGR for the quarter was € 240.08 million, which implies a growth of 3.8% quarter over quarter and a rise of 10.19% year over year.

Regarding the rest of the main figures, deposits and withdrawals of the players, their variation rates increase in relation to the previous quarter, 6.08% and 6.41% respectively. Marketing expenditure has a little decline -1.74% quarter over quarter and new accounts experiences an increase with respect to the previous quarter, 7.92%. Details are shown in Table 1.

In the analysis of the GGR by game segments, it is observed that:

The € 240.08 million of GGR are distributed among € 110.3 million in Betting (45.94%); € 3.6 million in Bingo (1.50%); € 99.5 million in Casino (41.44%); € 1.73 million in Contests (0.72%) and € 24.95 million in Poker (10.39%).

The betting segment has an increasing rate of 6.52% quarter over quarter and a decreasing rate of -0.25% year over year. There is a rise of 27.77% in pre-match and a decline of -7.69% in In-played sportsbook with respect to the previous quarter. In this quarter, “other betting” increased 8.3%.

Bingo has experienced a decreasing of -7.66% quarter over quarter and -2.4% year over year.

In the casino segment, there has been a slightly rise of 1.71% quarter over quarter and an annual variation rate of 28.31%. Slots and live roulette are the games with the highest annual increasing rate, 26.76% and 54.43%. Compared to previous quarter, these games had also an increase of 3.26% and 1.22% respectively. On the other hand, roulette has decreased a -4.42% quarter over quarter and -28.49 year over year.

Contests experienced a strong increase of 61.96% in this quarter and a decreasing of -7.59% in the annual variation rate. This segment continues an irregular behaviour with annual variation rates in the first quarter of -80.20% in 2018; 368.97% in 2019; 99.50% in 2020.

Poker presents a very slightly increase of 0.04% quarter over quarter and 3.11% year over year. There is a minimal growth is in both, poker cash and poker tournament, 0.08% and 0.02% quarter over quarter, respectively. Poker cash underwent a fall of -17.94% and poker tournament had an increase of 13.67% year over year

As a summary, the percentage distribution of the GGR for the different segments in this quarter of the period from 2018 to 2021 is shown in Table 2.

Marketing spending has been € 148.37 million in the last quarter. It may be broken down into € 12.4 million affiliation expenses; € 8.53 million sponsorship; promotions € 56.00; and advertising € 71.45 million. Compared to the previous quarter marketing spending has decreased -1.74%. All figures experienced a decline except affiliation with an increase of 1.16%. All marketing variation rates were positive year over year. Promotions are broken down into cost of bonus included in prizes, € 20.34 million and cost of bonus not included in prizes, € 35.66 million.

The monthly average of active game accounts is 1,118,603; which implies a rise of 6.42% quarter over quarter and 22.73% year over year. The monthly average of the new game accounts is 422.533; with an increase of 7.92% year over year and 43.51% quarter over quarter.

For this quarter, there are 80 licensed operators and the number of active operators by segment is:

  • Betting: 44
  • Bingo: 3
  • Casino: 51
  • Contests: 2
  • Poker: 9