Summary 2nd Quarter 2019

The GGR for the quarter was € 178,35 million, which implies a fall of -7.85% quarter over quarter and a growth of  6.69% year over year.

Regarding the rest of the main figures, deposits and withdrawals of the players, their variation rates decrease. Marketing expenditure decreases -10.30% with respect to the previous quarter and new accounts experiences a decline both with respect to the same quarter of the previous year and with respect the previous quarter, with the detail shown in Table 1.

In the analysis of the GGR by game segments it is observed that:

The € 178.35 million of GGR are distributed among € 86.45 million in Betting (48.47%); € 3.03 million in Bingo (1.70%); € 69.04 million in Casino (38.71%); € 0.47 million in Contests (0.26%) and € 19.36 million in Poker (10.86%).

The betting segment has a fall rate of -15.08% quarter over quarter and of -1.32% year over year. In-played sportsbook betting decreases -4.55% with respect to the previous quarter meanwhile pre-match dropped -31.76%.

Bingo has experienced a fall of -5.88% with respect to the previous quarter and -7.74% year over year.

In the casino segment there has been a growth of 3.97% quarter over quarter and an annual variation rate of 22.24%. This growth is mainly due to the slots.  Since its launch in 2015 slots has led to increasingly higher market shares of the casino (see Table 2).

The contests experienced a drop of -49.98% in this quarter and a growth of 36.89% in the annual variation rate. This segment exhibits an irregular behaviour with annual variation rates in the second quarter of -15.72% in 2016;  2.75% in 2017; 71.34% in 2018. The overall result is that the market share of this segment with respect to the rest is decreasing.

The poker presents this second quarter of 2019 a decline of -8.55% over the previous quarter and -0.45% year over year. The decreasing is mainly due to poker tournament that registers a negative quarterly variation rate of -12.34%.

As a summary, the percentage distribution of the GGR for the different segments in the second quarter of the period from 2016 to 2019 is shown in Table 2.

Marketing spending has been € 82.5 million in the last quarter, with an annual growth of 1.18% and broken down into € 8.69 million affiliation expenses; € 3.75 million sponsorship; promotions € 29.22; and advertising € 40.84 million. There has been a drop of -10.3% quarter over quarter, motivated by the fall of sponsorship (-24.37%) and advertising (-14.62%)

The monthly average of active game accounts is 861.237, which implies an increase of 0.18% year over year. The monthly average of the new game accounts is 235.920, with an annual fall of -12%.

For this quarter, there are 53 licensed operators and the number of active operators by segment is:

  • Betting: 32
  • Bingo: 3
  • Casino: 38
  • Contests: 2
  • Poker: 9

The most relevant fact from the regulatory point of view, since January 2018, is the opening of shared liquidity operations for poker, with France and Portugal. Since then, four Poker platform are offering shared liquidity operations with these countries.