Certification bodies

Certification bodies and certification reports

The Directorate General for Gambling Regulation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance requires the collaboration of certain independent gambling software evaluation and security certifying bodies to issue reports on how the technical systems used by the gambling operators in their activity, and the security of their information systems, comply with requirements.

Certifying bodies are independent expert organisations which audit and evaluate technical gambling systems and their level of security using a previously designated open procedure which assesses their experience and professionalism.

The DGOJ publishes an updated list of designated certifying bodies.

Both draft and final certification reports must be produced by bodies designated for these purposes.

List and types of certifying bodies

There are two types of certifying bodies:

  1. Gambling software. Consult the list of designated bodies
  2. Information systems security. Consult the list of designated bodies

A certifying body can be designated to produce certification reports on gambling software, security, or both.

Procedure for designating a certifying body

Interested parties may request the designation to assess and verify gambling software or to assess information security systems, or both.

The requirements, procedure and required documentation can be found in Order EHA/2528/2011 of 20 September, which establishes the requirements and the procedure for appointing the independent bodies that carry out assessment certifications for gambling software and gambling operator security.