Gambling Policy Council

Articles 34 and 35 of the Gambling Act, Law 13/2011 determine that the Gambling Policy Council (CPJ) is the state and regional body for participation and coordination on gambling matters. In particular, the Autonomous Communities and the State, through the Gambling Policy Council, will promote the relevant measures, including the possibility of presenting proposals on regulations in accordance with their respective powers, to promote convergence of the legal and fiscal regime, as well as the advertising, sponsorship and promotion regulations applicable to any form and type of gambling and operator throughout Spain.

The Council is composed of members of Regional Councils in charge of gambling matters in every Autonomous Region and City, as well as by an equal number of representatives of the Central State Administration. The Council is chaired by the Minister of Finance and Public Administrations, who may delegate his or her duties,  attendance  and vote, as may other Council members.

Likewise, Law 13/2011 establishes that the State and Autonomous Regions, through the Gambling Policy Council, must instigate appropriate actions to favour tax and legal convergence, as well as to regulate advertising, sponsorship and promotion activities linked to all types of operators and games in any form throughout the country. The Gambling Policy Council is, therefore, a non-decision-making body, with equal representation, which makes proposals regarding and studies basic gambling regulations and all aspects of gambling activities, and which by its very nature, requires coordinated action by the State and the autonomous regional governments.

The Gambling Policy Council is responsible for the following matters:
  • Basic regulations of games
  • Implementing the basic regulations of games and general rules of occasional games.
  • Criteria for granting licences.
  • Defining the requirements of technical gambling systems and their approval
  • Basic requirements for recognising certificates and approving licences by regional bodies in charge of gambling matters.
  • Coordinating the regulatory measures for protecting minors and dependent or vulnerable people.
  • Studying measures for putting forward to the state and regional authorities to bring the applicable legal and tax regime of gambling activities run by electronic, computer-related, telematic and interactive means in line with that of in-person gambling and with related advertising and sponsorship activities, and encourage associations to raise queries .
  • Any aspect of gambling activities whose nature requires the coordinated action of state and regional authorities.
In order to promote the participation and coordination of the governments of the autonomous communities and cities and the State with respect to gambling, the Council is divided up into three working groups:
  • Regulatory Working Group
  • Working group dealing with records, studies and reports
  • Working group dealing with technical matters


CPJ 2018 - Sesión Plenaria 30 de enero

CPJ 2017 - Plenary Meeting 12 september

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