Rights and obligations of gambling participants

Gambling participants have the following rights and obligations:
Rights of participants:

  • To receive clear and accurate information about the rules of the game they wish to participate in.
  • To collect the prizes they may be entitled to in the time and manner established.
  • To play for a period of time which corresponds to the price they have paid for the round in question.
  • To play freely.
  • To be informed at all times of much they have played for or bet, and to be informed of their account balance.
  • To secure identification and protection of their personal details.
  • To know the identity of the gambling operator.
  • To receive information on responsible gambling.

Obligations of participants:

  • To identify themselves to the gambling operators.
  • To comply with the rules and regulations that apply to participants.
  • To respect the normal progress of the betting process.

The relationship between participants and licensed operators is private; therefore, any disputes between them will be subject to the civil courts and tribunals.