Mercado juego online estatal
National online gambling market - Annual evolution

Publication of the annual report on national online gambling market 2021. This report, a compendium of the quarterly online gambling reports published by the DGOJ, is a step prior to the publication of the Spanish Gambling Market Data.

The GGR of 2021 was € 815.30 million, down to -4.17% year over year.

Deposits and withdrawals maintains an upward trend, with an increase of 21.64% and 34.91% year over year respectively.

Marketing expenditure of 2021 was € 460.04 million, down to -0.92% with respect to the previous year. Sponsorship have decreased -29.31%; Promotions, -1.14%; Affiliates have increased 6.69; Advertising, 1.61%.

Active gamblers were 1,470,303; down to -0.61% year over year.

In the analysis of the GGR by game segments, it is noticed that:

The € 815.30 million of GGR are distributed in € 305.88 million in Betting (37.52%); € 14.47 million in Bingo (1.78%); € 407.14 million in Casino (49.94%), € 2.39 million in Contests (0.29%) and € 85.42 million in Poker (10.48%).

The betting segment had a decreasing rate of -16.23% year over year. The decline was due to both, in-played sportbetting, -13.58% year over year, and pre-match bettings, -14.21%. In 2021, there was a significant fall of -69.93% in other bettings, and horse betting fix-odds showed a loss of €4.48 million.

Bingo has decreased -12.41% with respect to the previous year.

In casino segment there was a growth of 16.07% year over year. This growth was mainly due to the slots.  Since its launch in 2015 slots has led to increasingly higher market shares of the casino. In 2021 slots represents 59.28% of the casino segment, up to 23.08% year over year. Life Roulette also grew significantly, 18.16%. Conventional Roulette decreased -21.41%. BlackJack and Baccarat had annual rates of 5.76% and -99.36% respectively.

Contests experienced a fall of -70.19% in 2021.

The poker presents a decrease of -22.56% year over year, due to fall of Poker Tournament (-23.72%), which represents 68.29% of the segment, and Poker cash (-19.92%), which represent 31.71% of the poker market.

It should be noted that since the opening in 2018 of share liquidity for poker with France and Portugal, five platforms have been located in Spain.

In 2021 Marketing spending was € 460.04 million, broken down into € 41.14 million affiliation expenses; € 18.96 million sponsorship; promotions € 194.95; and advertising € 204.99 million.

The monthly average of active game accounts was 997,483; which implies an increase of 14.41% year over year. The monthly average of the new game accounts is 260,124; with an annual decrease of -9.85%.

In 2021 there were two relevant facts, both related with advertising and promotions of gambling activities:

  1.  As of May 1st 2021 it comes into force restrictions on promotions[1] to new players.
  2. As of August 30th 2021 it comes into force restrictions on audiovisual[2] advertising and sponsorship[3]

[1] Article 13.1 of Royal Decree 958/2020 of November 3, on commercial communications of gambling activities, establishes

Operators may only offer promotions to those of their customers who, cumulatively:

  1. Have had a gaming account open for at least 30 days.
  2. Have been verified by documentation. “

[2] Article 18.1  of Royal Decree 958/2020

Commercial communications of gaming operators in audiovisual communication services may only be broadcast between 01:00 and 05:00 hours, without prejudice to the special rules set forth in articles 19 to 22.”

[3] Article 12 of Royal Decree 958/2020,

  1. The sponsor's brand image, trade name, corporate name, promotional material or messages shall not be used in events, goods or services designed for minors or intended primarily for minors.
  2. Sponsorship of activities, sporting events, or broadcasts thereof, aimed specifically at or whose participation is restricted exclusively to minors shall not be admissible.
  3. Sponsorship activities consisting in the use of the name, brand or commercial denomination of an operator to identify a sports facility or any entertainment center may not be carried out. Neither may sponsorship activities be carried out that imply substituting or adding to the name of a sports team or competition or any other entity outside the gaming and betting sector the name or commercial denomination of an operator.
  4. Sponsorship on sports t-shirts or sport kits shall not be admissible



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