Permanent or non-occasional raffles

Concept of a raffle

1. A raffle is understood as a form of gambling awarding one or more prizes in a draw or random selection on a predetermined date following the purchase of various physical, computer-related, telematic or interactive tickets, coupons or other documents or means of participation, with some form of financial outlay being required to take part.

2. Raffle prizes include movable or fixed assets, livestock or rights linked to them, but never monetary prizes.

Concept of a permanent or non-occasional raffle

3. A permanent or non-occasional raffle is understood as one held periodically or permanently or which forms part of the ordinary activity of a gambling operator, whenever its frequency is less than annual.

Can I run a permanent or non-occasional raffle?

4. As in any other gambling activity, running a permanent or non-occasional raffle will require the corresponding general and specific licences to be obtained beforehand pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Gambling Regulation and its implementing regulations.

5. However, the regulatory implementation for permanent raffles has not been carried out to date and, therefore, it is not possible to organise and market non-occasional raffles.

6. Therefore, in accordance with the regulations in force at the present time, conducting permanent or non-occasional raffles is prohibited.

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