Requirements and costs to obtain a specific licence

General conditions

1. Those interested in carrying on non-occasional gambling activities must obtain a general licence for each form of gambling they intend to market prior to carrying out any type of gambling.

2. Likewise, the operation of each type of gambling under the scope of each general licence will require a specific operation licence to be granted.

Requirements and costs to obtain a specific licence

3. Order HFP/1227/2017, of 5 December provides the possibility of those interested in submitting applications for general licences simultaneously applying for specific licences corresponding to the types of gambling linked to these specific licences. The eventual granting of these specific licences will be subject to the general licence to which they are linked being granted.

4. Should requests for specific licences not be submitted at the same time as the general licences, it will not be possible to submit them until the latter have been granted.

5. The procedure to request specific licences is governed by the Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling Resolution of 1 December 2017 setting out the application and issuing procedure for Specific Licences to carry on and operate different types of gambling activities.

6. Additional guarantees corresponding to the specific licences at the time of submitting the applications will not be necessary.

7. In terms of the Fees for gambling administration to pay when submitting applications for specific licences, they are as follows:

  • Fee for the licence application: ten thousand euros for the specific licence application.
  • Fee for registration in the Licences Registry: two thousand five hundred euros for the specific licence application which is finally granted.

8. The time limit for resolving submitted applications is six months from the day following their submission. Administrative silence shall constitute approval of the application.

9. Four months from the date of granting the specific licence, operators must submit a final certification report on the operator’s technical systems in the manner and under the conditions pursuant to Royal Decree 1613/2011 of 14 November and in the Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling Resolution of 6 October 2014 approving the provision setting the model and content of the final certification report on gambling operators’ technical systems and develops the change management procedure.

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